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Treat Your Energy- Online Reiki Share 10/27/21 Click here for more information-

This Reiki Share is open to the public free of charge.  We welcome people with Reiki training or no experience at all.  A meditation allows those with no experience with Reiki to give and receive.

Two reasons to attend a Reiki Share
1. You can ask questions & learn about Reiki. 
2. You experience a self-care tool that raises your vibration and energy.
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What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction technique, which works with the Ki (chi) of the body much like acupuncture, with no needles. It is a complementary modality to Western or Allopathic medicine. This means it can be used safely combined with other types of treatments for example antibiotics, chemotherapy, chiropractic, and many more. Reiki puts nothing into the body. It can be done clothed; in many different positions such as a bed or wheelchair. Reiki is easy to learn and to give to another. And benefits can come in as little as 3 minutes. Though longer sessions are recommended. 

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Animal Reiki

Does Reiki work on animals? Do they like it?

Long before us two-legged’s, animals knew the flow, cycle of nature, and seasons of life. They feel the energy of the earth; they are connected to their instincts, their intuition; and there is a rhythm and pattern to their life. That said most animals love Reiki as it is familiar energy to them, that is kind, gentle, and loving. The benefits of Reiki for humans are similar for animals; it is complementary to other treatments; can be done in-person, distance, or virtual; it is painless, never causes harm, and is guided by a spiritual consciousness.

Rave Reviews

We are fortunate to do what we love, with people who love us back

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When I worked with Kim and the Resilience Reiki program I experienced not only accountability towards my own goals of wellness, as well as receiving reiki. This allowed me to deeply center and remove blockages that kept me from having optimal success. I appreciated how creative processing was woven into the experience as well as concrete action steps. I would recommend Resilience Reiki to anyone who is ready to move further on their own journey.  ~Gina J.

I have received several Reiki sessions from Kim. She is wonderful to work with. After every session with her, I have felt better and more clear. She allows reiki to move through her beautifully, and I find her healing to be loving, powerful, and effective. ~Kate MC

Before seeing Kim, on Friday I was feeling a bit anxious, with lots of "to-dos" and thoughts of the future spinning around in my head. Experiencing Kim in the Reiki session, I felt an immediate sense of calm. Then, her energy-work literally melted away my physical tension- like butter! I knew what a gift this was when later, after the session, I was able to take a nap, and deep rest. Before, I would have felt too amped up to actually fall asleep. But because of Kim, I entered my weekend feeling totally rejuvenated. I highly recommend Kim if you want to feel relaxed and renewed in a supportive, comfortable setting.

Danielle L-R






7 PM-830 PM Pacific Time
*NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED, all levels of experience welcome 


                Portland, Oregon

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