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Monthly- Online Reiki Share

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself
over and over again" ― Joseph Campbell
At a Reiki Share, we gather together. Some people are new to Reiki, others are experienced. Reiki is love and light and is calm, peaceful, and relaxing. A meditation is given so all present can send and receive the energy. We send much like prayer to one another, our communities, and situations. Reiki is a daily life tool.
It is something we CAN do. *We practice Reiki Only. All Reiki lineages are welcome. No experience or training is necessary.

Monthly SoulCollage® Studio
The beauty of an open studio is that it has a loose format for either creating cards, asking questions, or doing card readings.

This month we will have brief learning about the Community Suit and meditation before creating cards

How this studio works- We will greet each, meditate, review the focus of the month, set the intentions of the time together, and get to creating cards. Then we share them, learn about them, and if there is time do a reading.  




SoulCollage Open Studio- 2pm

Bring a few images, scissors, glue stick and let your soul and creativity discover a part of you. 

Online $15

Portland, Oregon




World Peace Grid Meditation

730 pm Facebook Live


Wherever you are at 730 your time




Joy -Online Reiki Share

3 pm to 430pm Pacific  
100% Calm & Peaceful

Free and Online

Portland, Oregon

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Awareness is like the sun.
When it shines on things they are transformed
- Thich Nhat Hanh

July 2022

Laugh as much as you breathe. Love as long as you live. ~ Rumi
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