About Kim

I have 18 years of experience working with Reiki. Plus 44 years of working in the health care industry.
I am a  Karuna Reiki Master level with training and experience as a Reiki Animal Practitioner.
I have a rich and varied toolbox of skills to help you learn, heal, and grow to help others.
These include SoulCollage®, Transformative Life Coaching, and Laughter Yoga. I am also an ordained Universalist Minister.  In 2005 she trained in Reiki once it became affordable as her self-care plan after her second divorce.
Professionally, Kim has served as a homebirth midwife, doula, nanny, certified medical assistant, medical receptionist, AFSCME union steward, and Starbucks barista.
She raised 5  kids, who are now adults, and who have blessed her and Fred with 8 grandkids that bring a lot of joy and memories. Kim is happily married for 11 years to Fred a Jazz Saxophonist/flute musician and Energy Conservationist.
They have lived in Portland, Oregon for over 35 years. They currently do not have any animals.
Kim integrates the beauty of Reiki energy and activity into nature, walking, trees, lots of family time, Waving Tree Chardonnay, music, dancing, photography, and creating lasting memories.
Her Certificates are below.

Her Commitment, Promise and Values 

The Commitment to you is...
To provide high-quality services and training to aid you in becoming your best and highest self for yourself and others.
Our Promise to you...
All are welcome here, regardless of the spiritual path, gender, race, or political leanings. Heart Wise Healing Paths is a hate-free zone.   
Our Values are in the logo...
The Barn Owl represents listening, insight, and freedom.
The Path symbolizes choices for which path to take that is right for you.
The Mountain stands as life journeys to climb and pass through.
The Heart around the logo represents the Love that is in us, in life, and that is ever-present.
Together these make up the initial offerings of Animal Reiki, People Reiki, Reiki classes, and other modalities. 

How She Works

What to know  or expect from Kim
She works mostly Online through Zoom or Distance Reiki via Crystal Healing Grids with Reiki.  There will be some classes or courses that will be a combination of In-person and Online. 
You will receive a new client intake form to send ahead of time. At times Kim gets intuitive messages from a variety of Reiki, guides, or beings that often work with her. Let her know if you want this information. At the end of the journey, it is common for her to help you with a phrase or to have you pick an oracle card that has wisdom for you in the coming days or weeks.  She will schedule a brief follow-up call for 3-7 days after your appointment. Reiki best helps with 3 or more sessions for a specific condition. Packages are available.

Reiki works no matter the situation

The picture to the right of this description is full of variety and color, which describes how Kim works to let Reiki flow in the journeys. No two Reiki Journeys are the same. Each Reiki Journey is individual to you and your needs.
- If you need stress relief for you and your animal companion she offers a Reiki session for the both of you.
- If you want relaxation, Kim works with you as Reiki flows through her to help you release and relax. 
- If you have a specific health concern; she can work with you with different techniques of Reiki to help the body do its job which is to heal. Reiki complements western medicine.
- If you are seeking to attain a specific life goal the Reiki Journey can be focused to release and heal any blocks, and often provides steps or wisdom to attain the goal.
- If you are moving through a life transition then Kim offers a Resilience Reiki Coaching Program to help you create your next steps with confidence. 
- If you have a 'call' to serve others in a way that is healing or know that you want to serve others by being a Reiki Practitioner for people or animals, Kim offers all levels of Reiki training. See classes and events.

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Ask yourself-
"How can I be more loving towards myself?"
And- Write the answer in a journal, a post, or a post-it note, as a visible reminder.

**Almost all photos on this site are either by
Kim Gordon Cumbo or Fred Gordon

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